The waiting game…

It’s been a while since my last blog and sorry to report that I am not doing well…

I am with a new doctor who is not always available, but the nurses are helpful for the most part.

I am very tired and still on clozaril, although he is slowly taking  me off it.  It just doesn’t agree with me.  My tiredness, and joint pain especially in my hands make every day very hard.

The good news is that my daughter has moved home so that is a major blessing.  Quoting Theraux “every where she went it was spring”. She is a ball of joy and energy.  She has been helping me deep clean the house in nooks and crannies I didn’t realize existed!  Thank you sweet Jesus for my daughter!

I am pursuing the steps needed to receive permanent disability and praying it won’t have to go to trial again but that they can make a quick decision in my favor because there is no way I can work right now…

I am helping take care of dogs as a side job which I enjoy because dogs just make life better!

To all my readers, thank you for your positivity in my life!

I will try to blog more as it helps me to.

So glad I am no longer suicidal because that sucks!!!!



2 comments on “The waiting game…

  1. Carol Peters says:

    I’m brand new to your blog and I thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I have an adult son who was wounded in Iraq and as a result was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia w/PTSD in 2010. He stopped taking meds in 2015 and life has been difficult to say the least. Our son won’t talk to us about what life is like for him, so your blog gives me an insight that I may never have – although I am a member or NAMI. God bless you and your continual healing and please don’t stop writing. P.S. dogs heal everything 😉

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  2. Kim says:

    Despite your circumstances you are truly blessed to have someone clean for you and help you. Count your blessings some of us do not have any kids to help us in time of need.


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