Quick update

Dear readers,

I haven’t posted since December 2017, I don’t know where to start really to describe what I am feeling right now…

Over medicated, easily stressed out, gained some weight 😦 and overall not feeling well mentally even to the point of being suicidal with a plan which ended up with another hospital stay.

Monday I see my pdoc and I am going to discuss with him giving up on the Clozapine and going back on the risperdal.  At first I was doing great on it but my lack of motivation and weight gain is what is really going on.

I pray God’s will in all of this… and that has to be enough for now…

I also pray for all who read this, to be in God’s will.

Good night readers, praying my next post will be more upbeat.  I am a fighter and I will not give up!



2 comments on “Quick update

  1. Burning Phoenix says:

    Sorry that you’re not in a good place. Clozapine is a really strong drug, I only managed to be on it for about 6 months before I gave up.. Put on weight and was a zombie, totally numb to everything.
    Hope your trip to pdoc went well!
    Keep fighting


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