Scared to death

so disability says I am not disabled so I must follow suit…

Tomorrow I am going back to my old work but am applying in a different less stressful situation…

Just wish I wasn’t so tired all the time.  I nap every day now.

I’m in serious debt from the last two years thinking that I was going to get back pay from disability.  But no that is not going to happen.

So I am going on a major spending freeze, only basics… not even the dollar store when I am in the mood for amusement.

I just don’t understand how the doctor’s statement that I am disabled didn’t render a different verdict.  My husband says to let it go…

But I will talk to my lawyer tomorrow all the same.

I just don’t get it.  I have tried to work and met with failure, but maybe this time will be different now that I am on new medicine that really helps me to feel more normal.



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3 comments on “Scared to death

  1. Hi, I just wanted to share I as well am a high functioning schizophrenic. I just got out of the State hospital a week ago. I’ve been struggling with this illness since 2001. However I was first diagnosed as schizoaffective in 2001. It changed after I got out of my marriage which I now believe I was married to an undiagnosed schizophrenic and with us together it was a mess. Upon leaving my marriage I was diagnosed as having shared delusional disorder. I left in 2013 this is the best I’ve ever felt so far thankfully I know how difficult Rysperodyl can be to be on. I am now on Invega Sustena injections once a month and it’s the one that has helped me the most with very few side effects. I really appreciate your blog in some ways I feel we are similar!


  2. Hi, I to am a high functioning schizophrenic. I was diagnosed in 2001 as schizoaffective. As of 2013 it changed to Shared Delusional Disorder after getting out of a bad marriage in which I believe my ex husband was an undiagnosed Schizophrenic now my diagnosis is Schizophrenia since I still struggle with the delusions 4 years later with out meds. Together we were a mess. This is the best I’ve ever felt since even before my marriage. I know how horrible Rysperodyl can make you feel. I now am on Invega Sustena injections once a month and the delusions are gone and I’m not have side effects that I can really tell. I really appreciate your blog and feel I can relate to you even though our stories aren’t exactly the same. I hold my faith very close to my heart as well.


    • Thank you for commenting on my blogs. It is a fascinating disorder for sure. I also had some experience with shared psychotic disorder with a very good friend. I can’t imagine it being my spouse. I am so sorry you had to suffer through those difficulties. My faith is everything, as one singer sang, I am just a basket case without you and I add Jesus to the verse…

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