Schizoaffective disorder isn’t the end of it all…

I was diagnosed in 2008 with this dastartd affliction and not a day has gone by that I have felt normal but on this new medicine I have such high hopes.  Sure the blood tests weekly suck but it is worth it.

I just came off Risperdal which I have been on since 2008.  It kept the voices away but I believe there is more and I want all that is due me.  If it is a life of misery then I accept it but I feel it is going to be so much more.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.  I over ate today in celebration of the occasion.  Didn’t feel well much of the day due to either a tummy bug or withdrawl from the Risperdal.  Hopefully will feel better tomorrow.

To anyone newly diagnosed, seriously check out Clozapine.  I have hopes I will be able to work again soon and that is very exciting.  I get bored sometimes being home a lot and often go for drives by myself just to listen to my music and chill…..



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