Saw my psychiatrist today!

After giving him a very good report, he said, “ok, now we have to try it without your other medicines”.

I was sooooo happy to hear that the first one to eliminate was the Risperdal.  It did save my life back in 2008 but I want more out of life than just not hearing voices.  I want to live again and the past week I have really started living again.

More social, more well balanced, less vices,  a better feeling of well being.

The Risperdal has so many side effects I am really looking forward to tonight when I go to be and increase the Clozapine to 75 mg from 50 and not take the Risperdal.  Next will be the Latuda to go and then the anti-anxiety medications I now take.

I have had such high hopes for this medicine to be the answer to so many things.  I don’t even mind the weekly blood tests ha ha!

Thanksgiving starts tomorrow for our family, with a pre Thanksgiving dinner I make then to my sisters on Thursday for a larger gathering.

Sneak in  a few visits to my dad and it will be a perfect Thanksgiving except for my daughter being away.

Can’t have it all but what I do have is pretty awesome…



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