Update after hearing

It has been since August 2015, 2 years ago, that I have been waiting for my hearing.  And Monday it finally happened and lasted fifteen minutes!

And now I have to wait two more months for the verdict.  Lord help me!

My lawyer says it went well.  To me it is all a big blur.  I felt like the judge wasn’t even listening to me about why I can’t work because she kept looking down and then would immediately ask the next question.  I understand my lawyer’s line of questioning which essentially were to prove I  couldn’t work at any of the jobs they mentioned, but I felt like there could have been more said, just saying.

So all in all it went well but I will have to try very hard not to think about the fact that I may have to go to appeal…

God’s will be done!




2 comments on “Update after hearing

  1. Dear Victoria, Hang in there! You are stronger than you think…. I don’t know how old you are, but it seems like things start to get better when you hit your mid twenties…. At least that is how it is going in my son’s case…. Now, he is 30 and things are going very well…. He and a friend started a part time business doing yard work and odd jobs for people…. He doesn’t drive, but his friend has a truck, or sometimes my son’s Dad drives him to a job…. The good thing about this type of work is that yard work can be done year round here in Wilmington, and it is really healthy physically and mentally…. You have immediate gratification once a job is done, because you can look at it and feel good right then…. This is the happiest he has been in years…. 🙂 (Oh, by the way, I learned about your blog from your comment 7/26/2017 6:03:48 PM on https://www.nami.org/Blogs/NAMI-Blog/July-2017/You-Can-t-Pray-Away%E2%80%9D-a-Mental-Health-Condition) …. If it is any consolation, I read an article a few months back, that when you hit your fifties (I know, sorry, it sounds so far in the future…) the symptoms either go away, or dissipate on their own…. Of course, between now and then, physical work and activity seems to help a lot…. Sincerely, Julie Chambers

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    • Julie,
      Thank you for your comments on my blogs! Thank you for the reminder that I am stronger than I think. Today proved to be a taxing day that demanded strength and I was able to do it all!


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