Have found my creative niche at last….

Now with the permanent disability hearing behind me and awaiting the outcome in the next two to three months I have needed something to occupy my time and I have found something I really enjoy that might make me money! I have been collaging for a very long time and am at it again.  I […]

A poem about waiting…

Waiting… Time seems to move so slow when I am waiting but alas it always comes eventually well not always the delusions come and go too one minute I believe them to their very core and again I believe that I am very special to a very great degree the next I am disproven and […]

Update after hearing

It has been since August 2015, 2 years ago, that I have been waiting for my hearing.  And Monday it finally happened and lasted fifteen minutes! And now I have to wait two more months for the verdict.  Lord help me! My lawyer says it went well.  To me it is all a big blur. […]

On upcoming hearing…

My disability hearing is coming up on August 14, I will simply state the truth.. That I am disabled and unable to hold down a decent job.  My anxiety rules my days although I do sleep at night. I tried to work outside my field and did well in the training part of the job […]