One has to laugh…

So my appointment at the psychiatrist went well.  After I shared with him all the positive experiences I am having with God He was not overtly concerned but asked if it interferes with my functioning.  It did not I shared with him.  When I brought it up that many of my readers suffer from negative experiences he said that that was more often the case with people who share my disorder, Schizoaffective, or Schizophrenia.  I am fortunate I guess but I feel the pain of those who have more negative experiences.  It must be very hard to live with that sort of reality.  My reality is good; I feel I am in God’s will in all things, confusion and all.

But what made me laugh was when I was leaving and I asked him when he wants to see me back.  He pondered the question (normally I see him every 3 months) but instead he said, “a month”  and then added “or two”.  I chose the latter but laughed that he is concerned about my connection with God.  I am not…

I submit all things to my Creator who made me, and you and all people and heaven and earth!



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