Thanking God…

My quiet place where I spend many hours a day…using my coping tools, and finding new ways to thank God for this gift of mental illness.Displaying IMG_0948.JPGDisplaying IMG_0949.JPG

2 thoughts on “Thanking God…

  1. “This gift”….. I love that. As much of a struggle as it can be (and it can be a big one, I know) I do feel those of us who have these different experiences, and different levels of consciousness, are gifted in a way. For myself, I think that if i didn’t view the world as strangely as i do, i wouldn’t feel as deeply as i do, or even have the particular drive that i do. I certainly wouldn’t be able to be a peer counselor, and this position has saved my life. It’s all about balance, i’ve found.


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