Self-care, took a day off…

Hello to all!

Well I have some great news.  My dear daughter will be here in August to accompany me to my permanent disability hearing which I have waited two years for!  I’m not nervous but it is great timing that she happens to be in town and with her by my side the outcome won’t matter.  She is such a great support to me.

My therapist is also a great support to me.  I can email him in between visits with details of my good and bad days and he ciphers through them pointing out where my thinking needs tweaking and where my insights are good.  It’s great.  He has proven to be a very useful tool to aid me in my recovery as he has great knowledge of this condition.

Take today for instance; it was a pretty good day.  I slept in because I went to Mass last night.  The pups even slept in too which was a rare occurrence ha ha.  I’ve had four days to myself with my husband being at a car show so there has been a lot of time to pray, reflect, exercise and read at my leisure.  I woke up naturally around ten, and stayed in my jammies until noon, did some spiritual readings and listened to Elvis gospel music which I just love.

I had made plans yesterday to walk with a friend today after lunch so I knew eventually I would get dressed and do that but in the am wasn’t really feeling it and felt like canceling.  But she called me at 1230 all excited to go walking at Waller Park so I told her I would meet her in an hour and we walked at the beautiful park which was full of families, barbecues, and dogs.  It was slightly windy but I didn’t mind because it felt good to just get out and enjoy nature.  Afterwards we got frozen yogurt which was a rare treat!

I then had to decide if I was going to take the day off from seeing my dad at the care facility, which is harder on me than him I imagine as i am pretty used to seeing him every day.  I ended up taking the day off, going back home and didn’t feel guilty because with the wind it isn’t as nice as when it is just sunny and we are enjoying the gardens.

I went back home and cooked up some healthy food for dinner, walked a bit more and stretched and just enjoyed having the day off from caring for both my mom and dad.  I wasn’t stressed or anxious at all today which was  a nice change.

My husband came home all happy and tired from his long trip down south and now we are relaxing watching tv.

Tomorrow is a new day I am not worried about.  Today was good and that is all that matters right now….

I learned today that taking one day off from helping both my parents is a good way to recharge my batteries and is good self-care.  Being a caregiver and having this disorder means I need to be especially careful to not overdo it and reminds me that I need more days like this….







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