Seeing my therapist tomorrow for a tune up!

Well I decided to go for it and see my old therapist who is just wonderful!  I am looking forward to process several things with her mainly my loss of my father as he used to be, my worries for my frail mom and teenage son.

My psychiatrist will be happy for sure!

I feel I am doing pretty good with everything but know I can be doing even better!

I also have 30 days clean and sober today so that is a very good thing.  I have been getting a lot more exercise to combat cravings and it is helping and also getting out more, seeing people and taking care of business so that’s another benefit of not smoking pot any more.

The exercise really helps my moods to be more even.  Today I even got up early and got some exercise in although small it is hard for me to exercise in the mornings because I am groggy from the meds I take at night.  But today I pushed past the excuses and did some lunges and a walk around my house because the weather is rainy which I am grateful for here in California.

Don’t know if I mentioned but I have joined an art class which has a great community feel.  I love the art although I am not very artistic and having a new hobby gives me something to look forward to between hospital visits and helping my mom and son.  Having something for me is awesome!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



2 comments on “Seeing my therapist tomorrow for a tune up!

  1. Liz says:

    Hi there! It was refreshing to read your blog. My 24 year old daughter is undergoing treatment at UCLA now. She is on a 14 day hold for schizoaffective disorder. They currently have her on Risperidone that was switched from Zyprexia. She is still having delusional thoughts about being pregnant. She has not had a relationship for over two years! I’m not sure if this particular med takes time or what! Wondering if you could share what you take?


    • Sure thing! My heart goes out to you first thing! She will be in my prayers along with you. UCLA is a great hospital but follow up care is even more important. I hope you find a good psychiatrist that she feels comfortable with like I did.
      I am currently taking Risperidone 3mg, Latuda 120 mg, attivan 2 mg a day twice a day, and buspar. The first two are for the psychosis and I don’t think I am delusional anymore, haven’t had hallucinations in years. The last two are for anxiety. Oh and I also take 20 mg of Lexapro for depression. Hope that helps! Write anytime


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