Update from psychiatrist

Seeing my psychiatrist was very therapeutic and helpful.  I shared everything with him and he did not fail me.  I am so glad I have a psychiatrist I can trust… He listened closely and allowed me to tell my story of the last few weeks and gave me a lot to think about.  I like […]

Doing better I think

My psychiatrist really thinks I have a rare form of Schizoaffective Disorder because I basically diagnosed myself back in 2008 which a team of doctors at UCLA confirmed within three days of my admittance to their psychiatric ward.  I knew something was amiss and was right. This is how it has been for me in […]

Hanging on to delusions helpful?

Is it helpful to lose one’s delusions or is it better to hang on to them to have some semblance of normalcy? At age 8 I heard the words “you are special” and then nothing until many many years later.  But I have always believed it in and out of my reality.  Now at age […]

Happy New Year 2017!!!

As the new year abouts to ring in on this last day of 2016 I sit and ponder on the past year, here is a short list of my good and bad moments of 2016! experienced deep sorrow at the loss of my father as I once knew him after he suffered two strokes but […]