Dedication to my father…

Merry Christmas Eve to all! I dedicate today and tomorrow’s blog to my dear father who I almost lost twice this year.  But he is still alive although at a diminished capacity. I love you daddy!  You are the best dad in the whole world and I want everyone to know that!  Even though you […]

Finally able to reveal the truth…

With my daughter here visiting from Colorado we have had lots of time together and amazingly we picked up right where we left off except that I was really able to verbalize to her the truth of my condition.  How I still suffer much and about what my bad days now consist of.  I don’t […]

Is there a number able to count?

I have relapsed several times, some psychotic breaks, some anxiety attacks, some depression and the list goes on… And each time I have relapsed I have gotten weaker in my ability to recover…. But I don’t give up.  I listen to Jason Mraz I won’t give up and I sing along. Even though these relapses […]

Short bio

Welcome to my blog! My name is Victoria and I suffer from Schizoaffective Disorder (SA), which is basically Schizophrenia plus depression; this blog journals my progress from fall 2013 to now although I was diagnosed in 2008. I have experienced both the positive (hallucinations and delusions) and negative symptoms (lack of motivation, flat affect. social […]

Time to think about the New Year!

I don’t usually reblog but the blog below really resonated with me not to start new goals but to continue what I am doing already but have lost a little bit of my focus and need to set my eyes on the prize of good balanced mental and physical health. Pax Victoria

A realization…

  I had a fleeting thought today that I could work again… I used to do so much at my old jobs. It would seem as if post diagnosis with Schizophrenia since 2008 I have gotten progressively worse off.  With each failure, whether it was quitting, going on disability, or getting fired, I have each […]

A Short Poem by me…

sitting here in the cold night air under the moon my pups beside me and I am in my own world   I sit and think about all the good things in my life Without any strife   God is good and ever faithful Without him I am nothing just dirt Without love I am […]