New medicine is working great!


Well I am happy to report that the new anti-anxiety medication is helping already.  Once again medicine and my awesome psychiatrist have saved the day!

My anxiety is much less and I feel like I could possibly work at a low stress job but I am not rushing into anything.  If we didn’t need the money I wouldn’t even bother but I am still waiting for permanent disability to kick in.  Since I got fired from my last job that will help my case and hopefully will speed things up.

What is really helping right now is my walking and work outs at the gym!  I took the day off from exercise yesterday and could feel the difference mentally.  I am like many people I need to fight my depression with medicine and movement!

Nothing is easy right now but I am pushing through and getting things done anyway despite how I feel.  I will make it to the gym today even if it is in the afternoon.  I am excited about using some of the new machines that staff showed me on Saturday and because it is cold outside I am going to use the treadmill to get my miles in and use inclines to get a more intense work out!

Surrounding myself with positive people and inspirational quotes helps a lot too lately.  I have a few good friends on FB who really post some neat things and I get a lot out of them and other things I read online on blogs and other sources.

I am just happy that the anxiety has left.  Mentally I feel more with it and more motivated to keep my house in order.  Having this disorder means so many things but I will not give up.  Every journey starts with a single step and I am putting my best foot forward to make a difference in my life and that of others.  Being charitable is hard when one is down but I try to help others as often as I can and it does help with my mood too.

The really great thing is that I am not psychotic right now despite the stress at my last job.  I don’t want to be psychotic ever again.  I want to be sober all the time and don’t even drink.  I do use nicotine lozenges throughout the day but don’t see myself giving them up anytime soon and do smoke a few cigs here and there..

My journey has brought me thus far; it is amazing the progress I have made and I hope that I can encourage others who also suffer from Schizoaffective Disorder.



p.s. write anytime, I see I have some new followers, thank you for your interest.  Drop me a line anytime and share your story too… We all matter.  I blog a lot about how I am doing but as I see others check out my blog I wonder your story too and hope that my blog has made a difference in someone’s life other than my own!



3 comments on “New medicine is working great!

  1. I’m very happy for this update victoria! have fun. xxb


  2. Simon says:

    Hi Victoria!

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It’s nice to have someone to relate to. I sometimes suffer from anxiety, but it doesn’t get so bad that I need medication. I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years ago. Medication has worked really well for me. I haven’t experienced any positive symptoms while on meds. Last year, I started a job as a Sales Associate at a clothing retailer. The training I received wasn’t enough for me and I left really lost on the sales floor. I didn’t even get to shadow someone more experienced than me. The job caused a great deal of anxiety for me. I finally had to quit because I couldn’t take the feeling of being constantly nervous, not knowing what to expect, and the pressure to sale any more. Currently, I’m not working, but I am working on developing my art career. Like you, I try to keep healthy. I go to the gym regularly and play sports. Anyways, keep up the good work!

    Take care!


    • Hi Simon,
      Thanks for writing to me and sharing your experience. Sounds like we have a lot in common. I know well the feeling of having a lot of anxiety and being constantly nervous with not knowing what to expect and the pressure to sell. I need to get to work on my book but I am going to the gym first as that helps me a lot with my depression and anxiety. Keep up the good work too! and good luck with your art career. Pax V


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