One comment on “I must be me

  1. Hi Victoria. I would encourage you to look at your blog here and your publishing at Amazon and your good health and your recovery as your “work”. The impulse to work is deeply ingrained and you just have to arrange your life and your idea of what work is so that it benefits you and I might add with this you are benefitting others, you are in a very real sense continuing your work that you did in psychotherapy by writing Victoria. And I think you can legitimately congratulate yourself. We are fortunate in a way because mental illness is in kind of a spotlight. Whether it is your blog or your book (or books:)) you can really feel proud that you are actually working and that it really matters to other people. (i have schizophrenia and live on ssi disability. i kind of feel something pull at me when i get a jobs email from my frantic search for “a real job”. But I started calling myself retired and it felt great.) keep up the good work and thanks. blainexx


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