Going to finish my book!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it and to those of you who don’t Happy Thursday (I am stealing this from another blog I read today because I think it is cool!) As of right now I have stopped searching for work, some financial help has arrived, so I am going to be dedicating 2 […]

Not doing well…

  Since getting fired I have been trying to keep a chin up and accept my limitations to be able to work and have tirelessly tried to deal with this anxiety.  I await disability to view my situation and it helps that I got fired, but it still be another half year prior to settling. […]

Research study opportunity

-BEGIN ANNOUNCEMENT—– California State University San Marcos You are Invited to Participate in an Online Research Study Scale Validation Survey (IRB Code Number: 893513-1) A new scale is being developed for people with various psychiatric diagnoses including depression and borderline personality disorder. The purpose of this online study is to test the validity of the […]

Got fired from my sales job

Well folks, The times are not good but are starting to look up.  I was fired on Halloween, thank you very much but it isn’t a good fit I was told.  It was very stressful and caused me a lot of anxiety and I wonder if I can work at any job.  I will keep […]