It’s a new beautiful day

Sometimes life just gets hard.  It is hard to know the right thing to do especially when one suffers from mental illness.  I am dually diagnosed, I suffer from addiction along with Schizoaffective disorder.  I fight it though and am happy to say that today I am clean and sober and taking my mental illness […]

Update on dad

Starvation is how he will probably go… But that is a natural part of the dying process so I am ok with that although it is hard to watch. Here’s to better days and future inspiration. I am going on a three day retreat starting tonight.  It is in the gym of our local high […]

Eternal love

As my dad prepares to enter eternity, I am greatly reminded not only of his love for me but also his limitations in understanding my disorder.  He has tried to be positive towards it but honestly he doesn’t get it at all.  But when he is in heaven he will understand fully the plight of […]

In Limbo, not liking it

I’m not one to usually complain but the facts are that I am in major limbo right now.  My dad is not getting better but is also hanging on because he is such a strong person.  I go to the hospital every day and spend time with him which is precious and know he could […]