A new passion in life is always good!


I have recently started hiking again and it has really helped my mood.  Getting out in nature with my hiking boots on, sunscreen applied and a hat to boot makes for a great day.  The best part is I found a hiking partner so I don’t have to always hike alone!

The air is usually warm these days and the views are spectacular.  I hike in the mountains, by the beach and on local trails that have pretty plants.

When one has this disorder it is a really good thing to find something to be passionate about again post diagnosis.  Finding joy in life is just one more step in the right direction of recovering from this dastard disorder!

If you are newly diagnosed spend some time trying out new things to get passionate about and your life will improve!  Trust me.  I have tried many things and some of them I like and others I can do without.

Gardening is another hobby I have which really soothes the demons inside; watching new vegetables appear seemingly overnight is a wonder in itself and supplies me with much gratitude to God for giving us such an ability to help plants grow and produce.

I am grateful today for many things, my family, my friends, my dogs, my garden, the days I get to hike and for finally eating a healthy balanced diet.  These things are important to me and help me on this road to recovery.

Even though I can’t work, I can do more to help myself.  I study Spanish daily, write, read challenging books and articles, try different workouts on Sparkpeople, and cook and eat healthy.  I get enough sleep and practice prayer and meditation every day.

I have a good outlook on life and it is thanks to God and the desire I have to be the best me diagnosis and all!



2 comments on “A new passion in life is always good!

  1. Curt says:

    Victoria My dear friend, partner and lover of almost 4 years turnned 40 in August. He has never been diagnosed. I dont know how to get him to to be assessed. He continues yo deny anything is wrong. His most recent psychotic episode was a week ago. He is not himself and I have given him his own space and time to settle and come back to me. This episode was the first time I heard him say he was really scared and doesnt know whats real. He asked why the voices wont stop and why are they talking to him. He talks about running away again and luving on the streets of vancouver. I dont know what to do. We live inthe interior of British columbia.


    • Hey Curt,
      This is Victoria. Thank you for writing to me on my blog. I can empathize with you and your situation.
      It is not easy when a loved one is not at their best and all we want to do is to help them. But it sounds like you are doing
      a good job at letting him be but is he willing to see a professional? That is where I would start. I ‘m not sure what kind of care
      is offered where you live but a psychiatrist or therapist can really help him to get on the right track. Medicine is amazing! It can bring
      back the dead. Once I started on medication I was much better and the craziness ended quickly. My spouse stuck by me even though
      he didn’t understand it all but with medicine I am able to live a somewhat normal life.
      Please write again and give me an update. I care as I am sure do others around him.


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