The Process of going on Permanent Disability


Before I share this boring topic of getting permanent disability I want to welcome the new followers and people who have emailed.  I appreciate hearing about others and try to share my experience with them and in the process I have made a few new friends which I cherish.

So back to this boring topic, basically I am now in the second phase of hiring an attorney to fight for me which it is expected to take 4-7 months!  I have been careful with deadlines, gathered all my necessary information and hopefully all this hard work will pay off.  Once I get permanent disability I can work below poverty level and have a supplement to my permanent disability which will help us to make ends meet.  I don’t know how I will do working but will choose a low stress job maybe a hostess or at my local favorite cafe.  I know I can’t work full time but hopefully will be able to handle a part time low stress job.  For now though I am just barely making ends meet with my husband’s income and my state disability payments.

We are in such a tight budget that there is nothing left for Christmas presents this year.  That makes me very sad but we have to learn to live within our means.  My youngest son is 16 and he actually understands our situation.

My days these days consist of working out, hanging with my elderly parents, watching my fave show (Criminal Minds) and taking care of my son and the house to the best of my ability.  The rose garden somehow is thriving but I still haven’t gotten to the other gardens which are huge projects.  I keep planning with my son to help me but it is hard due to the weather and his busy schedule but I have hopes this weekend to get out and get going on them!  Mornings are still hard for me to get going but around noon I start to get things done and squeeze in a work out of some sort.  The medication really leaves me drowsy in the mornings which I have come to expect so I plan for everything to get done after that.

Happy to report no delusions or voices for a while now that I am not working.  And on the 9th of this month I will celebrate a year of being clean and sober. I forgot to mention that I do go to my AA meetings 4-5 times a week and get together with friends of the program weekly along with some good friends I know from work and around the community.

There are days I still feel like I have no purpose which is one reason why I don’t blog much.  Same old stuff ya know and nothing really exciting to report but that is to be expected during this season of waiting on my disability to come through.

Keep writing in please it really is great when I check my email and it is a follower of my blog checking in or asking my opinion on so many things.

Have a great weekend!


One comment on “The Process of going on Permanent Disability

  1. Hi Victoria, I have schizophrenia and am on disability too, for three years now. I recommend taking it slow and getting used to the budget before rushing out for a part-time job. I feel much better being on disability and when I have investigated going to work a couple days a week I just start having more episodes. There is lots you can do – in my town i found a free city gym, i cook at home mostly, and i have started to pick up photography again and painting, which i use for my blog, which i publish on wednesday and sunday usually. Working toward the blog is much better for me than worrying about trying to stay stable enough for part-time work or trying to work at anything (i was a film director and photographer). I have had sz for 17 years and have been hospitalised 11 times so it’s been a long haul. But yeah, for Christmas I just explained that it can only be one present and for a long time we limited it to under $10. You would be surprised what a nice gift is a pack of fineliner pens or something like that – office supply stores are a treasure trove, so are dollar stores for a nice mug or something. I always send Christmas cards too – barnes and noble here sells them for 30% off all season – I guess they are a bit out of fashion, but I like to do it anyway. here’s a link to my blog. Nice meeting you and thanks for the blog – it’s not boring, by the way. I completely understand what it’s like to not have tons of news every week… thanks and pax to you too.


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