Well it has been a little while now that I have been on disability and have not had to think about work. I am enjoying my life for the most part although some days there are new challenges which lead me to negative thinking. I’m not suicidal but rather just kind of feel like life has no meaning. That being said, my spiritual life has been much more active now that I am not working.

I am Catholic and have been going to Mass again every week with my elderly parents. To think I used to hate them saddens me; now they are such a huge part of my life. I spend several days a week with them and really appreciate that my parents are still alive and still active in my life. They love to tell stories and talk about old times which is a lot of fun!

My house has never been cleaner but I still have some work to do mainly keep up with the dog hair and dust from the back yard. I also really need to wash my car but with the drought here in California it is hard to know when is a safe time to do so. That’s my excuse anyway lol. I am trying to watch every dollar I spend but may splurge and pay 5 bucks to just get it watched. The finances are slowly getting better with diligence at not spending any money on unnecessary items. I have been going to the local thrift store to buy clothes and I actually found a black leather jacket which fits me for cheap in great condition.

One thing I want to write about is the importance of regular exercise. I walk and do a few classes at the local YMCA and the days I exercise I definitely feel much better. Mornings are hard though and unfortunately I usually get my exercise around 5pm when it cools down. I still love my walks but recently took two days off and I really felt it mentally. I also have lost almost 30 pounds by walking and watching what I eat so that feels great!!!! The medicine I am on causes weight gain so I wasn’t sure I would be able to lose the weight but it has not been a problem and going to weight watchers definitely is helping me. I still have 20 to 30 pounds to get rid of but it shouldn’t be a problem if I keep doing what I am doing.

I am almost ready to start volunteering so that is exciting. I have been waiting until I get my house, bills and children in order before I venture out. I might even take a class at the local community college to learn something new. My psychiatrist wants me to keep my brain engaged in positive things and I don’t think watching murder mysteries on Netflix fits the bill lol.

Well that is my quick update on how I am doing, pretty good for the most part.
My birthday is next week and I am going to Colorado to visit my daughter. She has all sorts of plans for us so it should be a great time for me and my husband to get away.


5 comments on “Update

  1. taurusgurl says:

    Well done for losing weight . Wish I could lose some weight. I have had the same problem with weight gain with medication. I’m having weight loss surgery next year to lose my weight that I have to lose. A sleeve gastrectomy. Scary stuff , but if i do what i have to do before and after the surgery I will be Ok. Weight watchers is great. I buy their products. Getting a bit sick of some of their frozen meals though. And happy birthday!


  2. Taylor says:

    This is my first time looking at your blog. I’m curious as to why you decided to study psychology. I’m guessing being diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder is what persuaded you? Looking forward to hearing from you


    • Yes and no, Taylor in answer to your question. Prior to my diagnosis in 2008, I was always interested in people and what made them do what they do. I originally studied sociology but after getting diagnosed it made sense to get my Master’s in psychology and I was just a bit (that is an understatement) obsessed with Schizophrenia and psychotic disorders. I thought I could help people with conditions like mine because mine was under control. Little did I know at that time that stress of all the politics of the job and working with parents with personality disorders would be too much for me. I did real good for a while but after many tries had to let it go. Now I am no longer obsessed with Schizophrenia although I do keep up on the latest research done in the field as well as treatment options. Hope that answers your question. Thanks for writing in! Pax Victoria


      • Taylor says:

        I have been interested in studying psychology, but I am worried that it would be too stressful. I have not been diagnosed with anything yet, but I strongly believe I have something much more than anxiety. How did you go about getting diagnosed? Sorry if you have already spoke of this in your other posts; I didn’t see it and I’m not too familiar with navigating through blogs lol


  3. When I stopped being able to function as a wife and mother I went to UCLA and a team of doctors from UCLA at first said no way to S because I didn’t fit the parameters, too old etc.. but after 3 days of examination and watching me interact with the other patients they diagnosed me with S. After I saw my pdoc for a while and depression set in, he finetuned the diagnosis as Schizoaffective Disorder and now it is with bipolar tendencies. Feel free to email me at: victoriamariealonso@yahoo.com if you would like to continue correspondence. Pax Victoria


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