End of another week and still feeling hopeful

It’s Saturday night and I am watching the movie “Rocky” with my husband. The scene just happened where he is fighting Mr. T and encouraging him to hit him and he does but then Rocky makes a come back and knocks him out.

This is how I feel about mental illness. We must look it square in the face and say, is that all you’ve got? I will not allow this disorder to defeat me! I will not give up even though it’s hard but fight even harder for good mental health.

It is the end of another week and I have accomplished much. I am really focused on my house, family and friends and doing all I can to be the best wife, mother, daughter and friend I can be. And that must be enough. Even though I can’t work that doesn’t mean I won’t stop putting up a good fight for stable mental health and giving back to society in whatever way I can.


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