I’m off my pity pot and lesson learned

I am doing much better now with everything. I am human and at times I am weak and I learned a major lesson. I was wondering where all my friends and family went now that I am suffering, well the truth be known, I hadn’t really let anyone know how much I was suffering. I reread my texts which I thought said how I was doing but they said very little in this regard. Now that people know I am really struggling they are stepping up to the plate and offering me extra support.
As a person with Schizoaffective Disorder I am making a note to myself that people can’t read my mind and I have to be more specific even when it is hard. So many people don’t know what to do with us myself included. There are so many aspects of this disorder which come into play when we get stressed out and one of them is paranoia which I believe was what was happening to me. Nobody cares, nobody loves me, nobody gives a shit! Anyone else feel this way ever?
Anyway, I have lots of free time now so keep those emails coming!

Here is to a better tomorrow,

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