Finding my rythmn being at home full time

In my last post, I said I was taking a break from blogging for a while. Well, I lied. I was feeling very down due to going on permanent disability and didn’t think I had much to offer my readers. I suffer from Schizoaffective Disorder and stress brings out my symptoms so I made the […]

Life can be hard with this diagnosis

Hello! Victoria here! Welcome to my blog on my journey since 2008 when I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia by a team of doctors at UCLA and later rediagnosed by my now psychiatrist with Schizoaffective Disorder. I was 38 at the time which is late in life to be diagnosed but it is what it is. […]


Hello to all! I am not doing so well due to three major losses going on in my life currently.  My daughter 21 leaves for Colorado on Monday for school and I am heartbroken.  She has been a huge part of my recovery from Schizoaffective Disorder and I really don’t think I will do well […]