Italy was like a dream!

I have been back from Italy for a week now and finally realized what I wanted to write about my trip on here~
It was like a dream, like my schizophrenia was in full remission practically the whole time. I was worried about the flight, 15 hours on two planes, worried about making all the connections and worried I might not get along the whole time with my daughter. I shouldn’t have been worried at all. I prayed to Padre Pio for all my worries and he faithfully answered every one of them.

The flight was no big deal although I couldn’t sleep on the plane. We made every single connection easily from bus to train to taxis. It was a religious journey intermixed with fun, and both were realized on this long journey around the world. And my time with my daughter was priceless. It is the first of our many travels but this first trip I will always remember as the most special. It was the perfect trip.

I could write much more but will leave it there as sometimes less words are better than many.



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