Back at work and doing well!

Well, it has been another difficult journey the past 3 months.  I have been on disability and had to quit my job due to it being high stress.  But amazingly my old work contacted me two weeks after I quit and offered me a part-time job that is less stressful.  I took it and started this week!  My psychiatrist will be happy as he only wanted me working part-time anyway.  The positive symptoms are at bay and I am doing really well.  I still work in the mental health field but the cases I see now are much less intense than my other position.  I actually have an office of my own and work with the population I have come to love, the Hispanic community.  Recovery is not only a process but it is a commitment to well being.  I have been eating healthier than ever and have lost some weight and even though my back has been hurt, I plan to incorporate light exercise into my routine again next week.  Self care is huge for me.  Lots of down time, and help from everyone in the house including my husband.  He really doesn’t understand my disorder but has been mostly loving and kind through the difficult time when I wasn’t working and on disability.  We have a good marriage but don’t really talk much about my disorder.  I am glad I am no longer passively suicidal but am really enjoying life again.  Planning a trip abroad soon, so that will be awesome to go with my daughter and see parts of the world where some of you live.  It will be my first trip to Europe and I have wanted to go since I was a little kid, so my dreams are coming true.  We almost had to cancel the trip due to my not working but things have worked out that I can go and not worry too much about the money.  It is nice when things work out!

Have a great weekend and please write to me if you like my blog!  It is so much fun to answer questions and talk to other afflicted with this disorder, especially from different parts of the world! If anyone is from Italy please write before June which is when we will be there.



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