The process of recovery

  It isn’t easy having schizoaffective disorder, at times it is downright painful.  Dreams lost, inability to do as much as I once could, and always trying to find that balance between spiritual, physical and mental health isn’t easy.  But I keep pushing on despite the many barriers to my well-being.  Right now I am […]

New outlook

Coming from wanting to die recently to now has been quite a journey.  I have a new outlook on life, one of hope and recovery… again. I get up each day and look at my plan from the night before and get busy after some coffee of course.  I work a little bit at each […]

Happy New Year 2015!

  It is New Year’s Eve and I thought I would take a minute to let everyone know how I am doing after my most recent hospitalization.  I saw my psychiatrist yesterday and he wants me to be out on disability for another month while the increase in medication takes effect.  This was devastating news […]