Dealing with the negative symptoms of Schizophrenia

So often we hear about the positive symptoms of this disorder- hallucinations, delusions etc… but I have found that the negative symptoms are not written about very much so I hope to relay my experience and what has helped me to deal with the negative symptoms of Schizophrenia.

From Harvard Medical School we learn what the negative symptoms are:

“These “negative” symptoms are so called because they are an absence as much as a presence: inexpressive faces, blank looks, monotone and monosyllabic speech, few gestures, seeming lack of interest in the world and other people, inability to feel pleasure or act spontaneously. About 25% of patients with schizophrenia have a condition called the deficit syndrome, defined by severe and persistent negative symptoms.”

To read more about negative symptoms please go to:

For the past 6 years, my psychiatrist was able to get the positive symptoms under control with Risperdal 3mg, but my quality of life was not as good as it could be and I realized this after a relapse in 2013.  I had just accepted this way of life until I began researching this disorder more.  I have since been trying various antipsychotics to help me with the negative symptoms, mainly loss of motivation, seeming lack of interest in the world and other people, and the  inability to feel pleasure or act spontaneously.

I have been on 80 mg of Latuda for one month now and the negative symptoms are diminishing slowly.  I am more interested in people again especially my immediate family, am more motivated, am  more interested in the world and am starting to feel pleasure again.  Before I was dead I feel to emotions but I have been enjoying people more and my hobbies and my work has improved; although, I always work very hard, now it is different.  I am more thorough and making more connections increasing my productivity greatly at work and at home.

Everyone will be different in what medication works for them.  I also tried Geodone which worked well for the negative symptoms but made me nauseous so I was unable to take it.  Latuda is expensive but I checked on line for coupons and found a saving program so I can get Latuda for $125 instead of $200 with my insurance.  Every little bit helps!

The bottom line is that we don’t have to suffer unnecessarily with negative symptoms!

Here is to a new lease on life,




One thought on “Dealing with the negative symptoms of Schizophrenia

  1. I too am on Latuda(120 mg). Recovery International self help groups have helped enormously these past three years. Look for a group in your area at


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