Living with Schizophrenia

At times I am still in my own world, but for the most part I function well.  I hold a job, take care of my three children and husband and live my life symptom free.  I know that I have an illness and with medication am able to live a normal life.  I wake up, go to work each day, and manage a household.  I am not perfect in my endeavours but I am able to be happy and enjoy life.  I take my medication every day, despite feeling fine and work hard to make connections with all my loved ones.  But this disorder is debilitating.  I never want to be psychotic again that is for sure.  I have recently let go some of my final delusions.  It has been painful but necessary for my recovery.  I told my psychiatrist every thing and even though these delusions were not harmful I feel like they did not serve me well.  It is hard to believe I am not special and not on a mission from God.  Yet, there is so much to life worth living.  But I get my most enjoyment from helping others so in this I am well pleased.  The responses I have received from this blog are overwhelming.  I get to do so much to help others understand this disorder and I get to touch other’s lives just by sharing my story.  I encourage anyone reading this blog to write in and share with me your experience.  I am non-judgemental in this regard.  Yes, I suffer still as we all do but I am in this with you and love to get emails or comments on this blog.  Together we can get through this…



p.s. this blog has gotten over a thousand views from 26 different countries.  Wow!

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2 comments on “Living with Schizophrenia

  1. Charles Berl says:

    Nice article on Suicide and Schizophrenia.


    • Charles Berl says:

      I find that telling someone, usually a therapist, about my delusions, such as that the number 3 refers to the “Law”, in any form, helps me to relieve the symptoms of the delusion, and actually can and does lessen the delusion. I used to see a number 3 on a license plate and make something of it, a meaning, like:’I am in trouble” but I find that if I tell the therapist this, then it lessens. It really works, therapy can really relieve the symptoms and if you don’t have a therapist, or want to tell someone else, one can try that too.


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