Check out articles on Schizophrenia

Victoria here.

Why blog?  I blog to help me and I blog to help others affected by this devastating disorder Schizophrenia.  I journal as I feel led, to share my journey as I make decisions, think about new ideas and just to let it all out in a safe place.  Because of the responses and questions I have received, I believe I have helped a few people and in this is great satisfaction.  The one area I know this blog lacks is more about Schizophrenia, its facts and myths and symptoms.  One of my readers has shared her website she created to help educate others about various disorders and there are two on Schizophrenia which I felt were very beneficial to all.  So I am sharing her link.  Check it out but come back to visit me, too.  It is good to know that others are getting passionate about this malady that strikes so many!

Here is the link~



2 comments on “Check out articles on Schizophrenia

  1. Sara says:

    I just found your blog….is there a way to email you?


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