The dangers of comparing

I read someone’s blog today and it made me feel like I was less than.  This is the dangers of comparing.

I have my own story with all its nuances and different interpretations.  It is not good to compare with other’s my stories.  Bottom line.

I try to share my experiences with the hopes of helping others, but when people read mine I hope they do not feel less than, the way I felt.

I am not my disorder and it is not me, but it is a part of who I am so it is important to tell my story and to read other’s stories as well.

Life is hard enough, not to compare is my goal right now.  I will take it all in and appreciate the similiarities but as to the differences I must realize that there will always be just that and not wish for a different life.

I am pretty happy with who I have become and the result of this is honest introspection.  Do I wish I didn’t have this disorder?  I can’t wish for something that is unattainable so that is a place I must not go.  I can only live my life to the fullest possible and I do believe that my recovery is an important piece to that puzzle.



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