Challenging those delusions

Today my thoughts are on challenging those delusions.  There comes a time in my recovery when sometimes I must look at the delusions themselves and see to their validity.  What is true? What may be true?  What is real?  Where to begin?

If you have read my book available on Amazon “My personal recovery from Schizophrenia” by Victoria Marie Alonso, you will have a better idea what my delusions were and some stays with me to this day.

In sum, I believed I was very special.  This is hard to let go of because of the years I believed this to be true and due to many factors.  I felt special from when I was a very young child and I heard the words “you are special” one time coming back from a camping trip with my family.  It went on through my teenage days and even now I have some very good friends who believe it to be true.  So how can one let go of that idea that may be a delusion?  For that I don’t have an answer.

I imagine it is the same with others, who may have different delusions.  For me, I start to believe I am not that special when I have a lot of tedious tasks at hand.  How can I believe that someone so special has housework or gardening to do?  If I was that special I would be solvvng big problems and be interviewed on tv all the time right?  Well I have barely sold a copy of my book so this would lead me to the rational belief that I am like everyone else and truly not that special.

I would be interested to hear how some of you challenge your delusions and if you are successful or if at times the delusions come back to haunt you from time to time?  Please comment or email me and share with me.  I answer all emails promptly and confidentially @



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