Holiday Motivation continued

Well, I have been doing really with my goals for the holiday season minus posting here every day.  Sorry about that but I have to be in the mood to blog and I have to feel like I have something interesting to say.  So here I am Christmas Eve with a house that needs to be tidied, meals to cook (I am actually having my family over tonight) and a few presents still to wrap.  But I am in a great mood despite all that I have to do!

This is absolutely the best year of my life!  I am symptom free (thanks to Risperdal), have a job I love that doesn’t stress me out, my kids are all doing well, and I have enough family and friends I stay connected with, that I feel pretty good about.

This time last year was a totally different story.  I relapsed on alcohol, hated my job and boss, was not in good physical shape and did not have good connections with family and friends.  It is amazing how in one year things can turn around.  I am doing fine on just the Risperdal.  It appears I do not need the Latuda as the delusions are staying completely away.  This is the best news.  I am so glad I took that chance and that my doctor agreed to try me without it.  I really recommend to anyone who has a stress related flair to make sure they need the added medicine after the stressful event is over.

This disorder is hard to understand.  I feel much more vulnerable than I did 2 years ago, to stress and to negative people who may be in my life.  I literally surround myself with people who are positve to a fault.  There is not too much of a good thing in this area, I believe.  A friend of mine last night who suffers from Bipolar Disorder was telling me some things that were negative and I smiled at her and told her to “think the best, stay positive”.  It helped her I think because she smiled and stopped the negativity.  It is a mindset really to stay positive.  It takes practice and is not always easy.



3 comments on “Holiday Motivation continued

  1. Tonia says:

    Do you find that Risperdal works best for you? I am on olanzapine and it doesn’t seem to work well… I still believe people are behind the abusive voices… and that it is not schizophrenia but that they are using technology to control, manipulate and abuse me. Do you find that the voices you have are abusive?


    • Risperdal helps a lot for me but I found after a while that the delusions had not entirely gone away and so now I take Latuda 120 mg with Risperdal 3 mg and it workds. I do not believe my delusions like I used to, just like less than one percent. My pdoc eventually wants to try to wean me off the Risperdal but I am in no hurry as things are going very well right now.
      Hope that helps, write anytime.


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