Holiday Motivation

I am writing this late at night after an almost perfect day.  But let me start at the beginning…

I am often unmotivated to do simple things.  I am sure some of you can relate to that.  I am not sure if it is my disorder or if I have just gotten lazy through the years or if maybe I am just addicted to my computer, but whatever the reason the truth is I really have to motivate myself.

So for the holiday season I have decided to have a checklist every day of things I want to accomplish.  I am off for five days and don’t want to go back to work and be in the same shape I was in before I started.  I thought about this today and decided to blog every day my successes and failures, although hopefully there will not be too many failures.

Here is my checklist:

Every day I want to eat right, exercise even if it is twenty minutes, write on my blog, spend some time with a friend or family member, go to  a twelve step meeting, do a kind deed and not brag about it, clean some part of my house, chip away at my gardens (right now I am finding it hard to even water) and read something uplifting online or otherwise.

What I am going to try not to do is:

Spend money, as I have several vacations coming up, listen to gossip, eat junk food and sit in front of my computer endlessly checking my email, facebook, and other online sites.

So for today I have done almost all on my to do list, but failed because I went to an expensive dinner with my husband (had a good time though and don’t really regret it), and sat in front of my computer more than I wanted to.

I hope all of you stay motivated as well this holiday season!  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah , and winter well wishes for any atheists!



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