Book is available on Amazon

At long last my new book is now available on Amazon, kindle version and book form my personal recovery from schizophrenia

I still have 3 copies left to give away, which is my way to celebrate.  Just comment below and claim your free copy, which will take a little longer than ordering it off Amazon but who doesn’t like something free?

Check it out!



6 comments on “Book is available on Amazon

  1. Brooke says:

    Congratulations, Victoria! I ordered my Kindle version as soon as I saw this!


  2. Hi Victoria,

    I’m interested in the book (and could provide a written review), but I’m even more interested in your input. I am writing to other mental health bloggers and asking each of them one question:

    What is one simple tip you would give others to help them get the most out of mental health treatment?

    If you care to leave a response, I’ll be happy to include it in my blog post, along with a link to your blog. Thanks.


    • Hello,
      Thank you for your interest in my book/blog. If you want a free copy of my book email me your address ( and I will get it in the mail. If you want to buy one so you can write a review which I would greatly appreciate (available on Amazon).
      To answer your question- I would say the single most important thing to help get the most out of mental health treatment is to be honest with your symptoms, reactions to medications and about taking your meds. This will give your pdoc a clearer picture of what is helping, what needs to be done and what needs to be stopped. Mental health is hard enough to begin with to treat, but when patients are not honest about these three things, success is very hard to obtain.


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