Stopping Latuda Sunday

Hello all,

Well I am going to go ahead and stop the Latuda on Sunday.  I feel like I am doing fine.  No delusions, no weird thoughts in sight.  Work and personal life is going well so I am going to go for it.  Of course I am a little scared.  I really don’t want any positive symptoms ever again.  It is so nice for my thoughts to be my own, and not to be receiving messages from above (or so I thought).

Work is actually one of the best things I do lately.  I feel like I am really helping others and have seen some great progress as of late.  It is funny because there was one point in my life when the decision was before me whether I would work or not.  I could have gone on permanent disabiltiy because of my disorder, but my husband wisely said “absolutely not, you need to work”.  My psychiatrist agreed with him.  I again speculated about it after my relapse when it didn’t look like I could find work that suited me.  But I pushed forth and found a job that is low stress in a positive work environment and it has made all the difference.

To be honest, I really look forward to going to work- it is more like a hobby that I get paid for.  My days off I am sometimes at a loss for what to do.  I have my hobbies, but I still sometimes stay in my pjs all day and chill in front of the computer, although, I acutally recently bought a card table to do my projects on.  I wrote my Christmas cards last night and completed another collage for a family member.  I am now working on a collage for my daughter for Christmas.  Last year Christmas, I was at such a terrible place with my relapse and all.  This year I am really getting into the season, decorating the house, shopping etc…  Last year I didn’t even send out Christmas cards which I do every year.

Helping others helps me.  I am not altruistic, although I wish I were, helping others for the mere good of doing good.  Perhaps one day…



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