Happy December!

Just a quick check in to update everyone.  I am doing fine on the lessened dosage of Latuda.  No delusions and I feel pretty good these days.  Soon I will stop it altogether.  I am having a hard time finishing my book.  Truthfully, I have to be in the mood.  The delusions are still very hard to write about.  They were such a confusing time in my life.  But I will push through.  I actually have the whole day today to write so I will force myself.  Once I get started I am good.

I met with my spiritual advisor yesterday.  He lives 200 miles away so I don’t get to meet with him often.  It was very good and answered many questions I had for him.  I am still religious just not overly like when I was delusional.  I sometimes struggle with prayer but who doesn’t?  Many of my delusions surrounded this spiritual advisor but he is so good that he has kept with me through many very difficult times.  May God bless his soul!

Happy December!  I can’t believe the holidays are upon us!  I have many projects underway.  Life is good and work is very good as well.  Yes, recovery is possible from this devestating brain disorder.

For now I will continue to blog while I write on my book as I miss blogging and it seems I can do both.  If anyone has any topics they are interested in feel free to email me at :




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