Being alone

My husband thinks I would rather be on vacation than be at home.  I love to go places it is true, but I also enjoy my time at home.  I love it when I have a good book to read, something to write, a project to work on or people to hang out with.  But […]

Challenging those delusions

Today my thoughts are on challenging those delusions.  There comes a time in my recovery when sometimes I must look at the delusions themselves and see to their validity.  What is true? What may be true?  What is real?  Where to begin? If you have read my book available on Amazon “My personal recovery from […]

Holiday Motivation continued

Well, I have been doing really with my goals for the holiday season minus posting here every day.  Sorry about that but I have to be in the mood to blog and I have to feel like I have something interesting to say.  So here I am Christmas Eve with a house that needs to […]

Holiday Motivation

I am writing this late at night after an almost perfect day.  But let me start at the beginning… I am often unmotivated to do simple things.  I am sure some of you can relate to that.  I am not sure if it is my disorder or if I have just gotten lazy through the […]

Book is available on Amazon

At long last my new book is now available on Amazon, kindle version and book form my personal recovery from schizophrenia I still have 3 copies left to give away, which is my way to celebrate.  Just comment below and claim your free copy, which will take a little longer than ordering it off Amazon but who doesn’t […]

Stopping Latuda Sunday

Hello all, Well I am going to go ahead and stop the Latuda on Sunday.  I feel like I am doing fine.  No delusions, no weird thoughts in sight.  Work and personal life is going well so I am going to go for it.  Of course I am a little scared.  I really don’t want […]

Happy December!

Just a quick check in to update everyone.  I am doing fine on the lessened dosage of Latuda.  No delusions and I feel pretty good these days.  Soon I will stop it altogether.  I am having a hard time finishing my book.  Truthfully, I have to be in the mood.  The delusions are still very […]