Stopping Latuda

I saw my psychiatrist today and he is allowing me to try to stop the Latuda and see if I really need to be on 2 antipsychotics or not.

After my relapse he put me on 80 mg to stop some delusional thinking that had resurfaced after my traumatic experience at work.  It did the trick but I am alway wanting to be on the least medicine possible so I think I need to try it without it.  I never do anything with my medicine without my psychiatrist, though.  I want him to guide everything although it was my suggestion.  He agreed to try because I am doing so well right now.

It is a very expensive medication and my with my insurance it is still around a hundred dollars.  I figure I better be sure I really need it at that steep price.

There are no side effects I have noticed on this medication.  It handled the delusions but I still need to be on Risperdal to counter some of the negative symptoms of Schizophrenia.

Anway, time will tell.  He has cut me down to 40mg for a month and after that I can stop.



2 comments on “Stopping Latuda

  1. Kevin Silber says:

    Dear Victoria,

    I am a Psychology lecturer from the University of Derby in England and I am writing a textbook about schizophrenia. I read your short piece and wondered if I might use it in the chapter on psychoactive drugs. It is so important, I think, that students get to experience the words of people with schizophrenia and not just those of academics and doctors talking about it. I do hope you will give me permission to use your piece.

    Take care,



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