When I was newly diagnosed with Schizophrenia, getting used to the medicine was really hard.  It left me emotionless and unable to feel anything.  After a year on the medicaiton I started drinking.  Drinking helped me to laugh and cry and feel again.  But I am an addict so of course it didn’t take long before I started to drink in the mornings and all day, hiding my liquor and planning my next drink from early in the mornings.  I became an alcoholic at some point.  But I knew where there was help.  I started going to AA meetings and found sobriety.  Recovery was another thing though.  I am now in recovery and with the exception of one slip I have been sober for 4 years.  Tomorrow is my AA birthday since my slip and I am appreciating my sobriety to its fullness.  I have found support with people who are positive for the most part, people who want to improve themselves and people who share their experience, strength and hope with me at the group level and individually.  It has made all the difference for my life now and even though the medication still leaves me emotionless compared to before my diagnosis of Schizophrenia, it is better now having support.  If drugs and alcohol are a struggle for you I suggest you try the twelve step rooms.  People aren’t perfect but for those who can be totally honest, recovery is not only possible but unbelievably rewarding.



One comment on “Sobriety

  1. So you slipped and they still let you celebrate 4 years? I ask because in the AA group I’m in they say continuous sobriety with no weekends off and I thought that was very all or nothing. Like if I have one drink then I have to start over. It’s interesting to hear slips are ok but what is a slip and what is a relapse? Either way I am new in recovery today is 28 days since I last touched alcohol. Almost at 30 days. Longest I’ve had outside of a treatment center in a while. 4 years seems like so long but I was at 2 year birthday today and I have seen people who are now have more sobriety then me who I saw when I first came in because I’ve been in and out and seeing them do well is amazing and inspirational so I know there is hope.


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