It’s funny now but not then…

So there I was at the store for a simple shopping expedition.  All of  a sudden I was at the spice aisle and I got the message from God.  To test my obedience he wanted me to purchase one of each spice packet.  There were over 50.  I fought it but it came stronger and stronger.  If I did not obey, I would melt to the ground in embarassment.  I hesitantly began to take one of each off the shelf.  I was fine until I stopped putting them in my basket, then I would begin to melt.  I had to buy one of each until the bottom row even though some of them were doubles.  I went to pay and embarassed by my purchase I muttered something like, “I am going to try some new recipes”.  The checker did not question my purchase.  It cost me over $200!

I told my friend who I believe suffered from shared psychotic disorder.  We laughed about the craziness of it.  Other things had happened continually but this was the craziest request from God.  I gave her half of them and kept the rest using them over the next year.

The point is that it was not God asking me to do this crazy thing.  It was the Schizophrenia and there is no denying it.  Things like this don’t happen anymore.  With medication I am able to go to the store and have a normal shopping experience.

When I hear about people who have Schizophrenia in the media who kill people I think I am very lucky that my craziest moments were about buying spice packets.  But I feel for them because when it hits there is no control over what I did when I was psychotic.  I definitely think people who get in trouble with the law should have some leniancy on their actions while delsuional.



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