Reality checks

Well it has been almost a week since my dosage of Latuda (which I posted again down below) was cut down to 40 mg and I feel fine.  Perhaps I am a little more antisocial or maybe I am just choosy with who I hang out with.  My rules are: no drama, no drama, no […]

An interesting experience in the hospital…

I remember my time in the hospital like it was yesterday. It was 6 years ago this January.   My delusions included my believing I had special healing powers.  Because of this, the hospital staff encouraged me to stay in my room during group times.  Usually they want the patients to participate fully, but I […]

Stopping Latuda

I saw my psychiatrist today and he is allowing me to try to stop the Latuda and see if I really need to be on 2 antipsychotics or not. After my relapse he put me on 80 mg to stop some delusional thinking that had resurfaced after my traumatic experience at work.  It did the […]


When I was newly diagnosed with Schizophrenia, getting used to the medicine was really hard.  It left me emotionless and unable to feel anything.  After a year on the medicaiton I started drinking.  Drinking helped me to laugh and cry and feel again.  But I am an addict so of course it didn’t take long […]

I still struggle

From the outside I look good.  I have a full time job, manage a household and keep myself fit, pretty much.  But every day is still a struggle.  Sometimes it is just getting up in the morning.  Getting out of bed is rough.  I am not sure if it is the medication I take from […]

It’s funny now but not then…

So there I was at the store for a simple shopping expedition.  All of  a sudden I was at the spice aisle and I got the message from God.  To test my obedience he wanted me to purchase one of each spice packet.  There were over 50.  I fought it but it came stronger and […]

To be or not to be delusional

When I was psychotic I received many messages from heaven I believed.  I even had other people believe my messages, 2 people in particular.  When I entered the psychiatric ward it rocked their world.  Once I started on the medication the messages ceased entirely for the most part. Then 2 years or so later something […]