Voice of God

I was driving back from Santa Francisco one day to L.A. when I heard the voice of Jesus so clearly l can remember it like it was yesterday.

He told me 5 things.

Not all those things came true but there is still time.  I wonder to this day if it was the Schizophrenia or really Jesus.

I side with it being Schizophrenia, especially since now I have not heard it again.  At the time it was wonderful though I must admit.

It was the only time I actually heard voices, although there was much confusion around many messages I received from what I believed to be heaven.

Demanding thoughts telling me to give this person a message or to do something bizarre which I had to obey or I would melt down to the ground.

I do not miss those demanding thoughts which I now know to be thought insertion and thought control.

I had one doctor tell me once that all people with Schizophrnenia continue to have these sorts of hallucinations but the truth is that I do not and it is because of the medication.

This has been on my mind today.  I am glad for the quiet now.



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