I don’t know about anyone else but conflict really stresses me out.  Like when I see someone on the road who is raging I get really upset inside and pray for them. Or when two people are in an argument that I am not even a part of, that too gets me stressed.  I must […]

Voice of God

I was driving back from Santa Francisco one day to L.A. when I heard the voice of Jesus so clearly l can remember it like it was yesterday. He told me 5 things. Not all those things came true but there is still time.  I wonder to this day if it was the Schizophrenia or […]

The gift

I used to be very prideful- then I was given the gift of Schizophrenia.  It has truly humbled me but although I have prayed for a healing of the mind, I am not relieved of Schizophrenia.  I know this because of my recent relapse. The psychiatrists give us medication to take for the rest of […]

Life after psychosis

Recovery is possible after psychosis.  I was psychotic in and out for about one year.  I knew something was amiss when everything that happened outside of me seemed to pertain to me to a very great degree. Then I went on medication and it all came to a screeching halt.  The visions, the hallucinations, the […]


After trying Abilify, which caused major side effects, I went off medication for a while on my doctor’s orders.  Because I was so high functioning, we had to make sure I really had a mental disorder.    Now I am not a doctor but from what I have read when one has Schizophrenia the sooner […]