There is hope…

For those newly diagnosed with a mental disorder.  I implore you to be easy on yourself.  Yes, life will be different but medicine is amazing and can truly bring one back to a sane future.  It is not easy this life burdened with a diagnosis.  But it can be good.  I say this because it is good for me after years of difficulties, to finally have a diagnosis was freeing.  I did tons of reserach about my disorder, its prognosis, treatment, different medications and how to recover.  I have read many books by many different people with mental disorders and have concluded that while some people can recover without medicine, most people will need to be on mediciation for the rest of their lives and I am one of them.  Having a psychiatirist you trust is probably the most important thing.  Putting one’s mental health into the hands of a stranger is scary enough, but I cannot imagine what it would be like to not trust him completely.  Educate yourself as you are able and trust that in this time and age, modern medicine is awesome!  Take your medication fatihfully and give yourself time to adjust to its effects.  Hang on to the hope that many people do recover from Schizophrenia and don’t ever lose hope!


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One comment on “There is hope…

  1. taurusgurl says:

    Do what makes you happy, good advice.


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